Metplas Pty Ltd manufacture injection moulded specialised plastic products and components for medical and technical applications. These products are sold throughout Australia and overseas.

The company is fully committed to supply all customers with quality products that satisfy their requirements and comply with relevant local and/or international quality standards.
Our objective in issuing this policy is to demonstrate the company’s attitude with regard to quality and related matters affecting production standards and safe working practices. The successful realisation of our aim will be achieved through the speedy identification of Work Health Safety issues and application of efficient and cost effective measures in solving them.

The problem solving methods used and outcomes are to be continually reviewed against objectives and targets and the appropriate techniques improved as required.

The integrated management system of Metplas Pty Ltd is based upon relevant legislation and requirements including International Standards for Quality (ISO9001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO4801). The company’s dedication to the maintenance of its reputation and position in the market place and the welfare of its employees is paramount.

In order to ensure our company’s continuing success in a competitive manufacturing field and maintain our exceptionally high product quality, I request the active participation of management and staff in all aspects of the implementation of and adherence to these standards.

Richard B. Waite
Managing Director
Metplas Pty Ltd